Jacksonville Accord


General overview

The Jacksonville Accord by Honda is one of the most common mid size family sedans available in the market today. The manufacturer “Honda” has embraced the direct injection technology which propelled the general performance of the Sedan to new levels. The model has a stunning appearance due to the sportier roof line and incredible exterior finish. The automobile has not only met the IIHS standards but is also equipped with

Jacksonville Accord
Jacksonville Accord

numerous safety systems and info entertainment systems for a luxurious but safe driving experience.

Exterior specifications

Few exterior modifications have been done on this model hence it resembles its predecessors to a large extend. The company has maintained both the size and shape of the 2015 Jacksonville Accord. It has the latest LED headlights for better visibility in the dark and a sport grille which gives it an aggressive appearance. Its nose mask give the model an ambitious look which makes even critics wish to buy a Honda Accord. The model has a seating capacity for four passengers and four doors excluding the trunk. The Jacksonville Accord is Continue reading “Jacksonville Accord”